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Laser Tattoo Removal - Information and FAQs

How much will laser tattoo removal cost?

A complimentary consultation is required prior to all Laser Tattoo Removal Treatments to determine the suitability and cost. 

The cost varies depending on;

•skin pigmentation
•size of the tattoo
•how much ink needs to be removed
•how many sessions you will require
You will need a series of treatments to achieve desired results. This will be discussed with in your consultation. 

Sessions are a minimum of 6 weeks apart; we usually recommend 8-week gaps to achieve optimum healing from each treatment.

Does laser tattoo removal provide effective results?
Yes. Large and heavy tattoos may take many sessions with a longer period of time between treatments; if treatments are consistent, ink will eventually fade.
In some circumstances, certain tattoos and skin types could make 100 percent removal impossible.

How does laser tattoo removal work?

During laser treatment, tattoo ink particles are shattered into tiny fragments so that the body can remove it. The laser does not target the skin, it selectively targets the ink molecules only. The treatment consists of very short and fast pulses of concentrated energy, at wavelengths that are specifically matched to be of the greatest impact on the targeted ink colour. Once the ink particles have been broken down into smaller pieces, the body’s lymphatic system will go to work removing them and the tattoo will begin to fade. 

This can be aided by after-care (instructions given post-treatment).

What type of laser machine do we use?
We use a Picosecond Laser Machine (3 Wavelength)
A picosecond laser selectively destroys the target pigment without damaging healthy, normal tissue. This allows rapid clearing of the pigmentation with minimal damage to surrounding tissue.

Is laser tattoo removal painful?

Prior to commencing treatment, we conduct a test patch to give you an indication of the sensation.
The size and location of the tattoo will determine the discomfort level.
Does laser tattoo removal leave a scar?
No. To avoid any possible scarring you must follow aftercare instructions post-treatment.

Can tattoo removal fade tattoos? Can the treated area be tattooed over?

If you intend to use the laser removal treatment for fading your tattoo in preparation for a cover-up – this is possible. You will first need to discuss the fading required with your tattoo artist, prior to your consultation. The tattoo artist will need to determine when the treated area is suitable to recover with tattoo.

What regulations/by-laws affect IPL (pulsed light) & laser operators in New Zealand?

At present, most local councils have not created regulations about the safe use of IPL and Lasers. As most do not have the resources to police the industry, so currently it is a self-regulated and self-guided industry. In July 2014, Auckland Council put in place bylaw which ensures operators meet mandatory minimum training and experience. The ministry of health (MOH) are working on findings from an industry wide survey that may end up forming new legislation. This is still in progress and expected to take years to be pushed through, if at all. We follow the NZ Laser Training code of practice, and have strict health & hygiene procedures.

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