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Laser Hair Reduction Pricing - Male


We offer a complimentary consultation (required prior to all Laser Hair Reduction Treatments) to determine your hair/skin type suitability (includes patch test). 

A minimum of 6 treatments is recommended, some clients will require 8 or more treatments, plus maintenance treatments.

We offer concession discounts, with 10% discount on your 4th and 20% discount on your 8th treatment.

For more information, please see our Laser Hair Reduction FAQ's page.

Pricing following is indicitive, adjustments maybe made following consultation:


Brazilian - $120

Legs - half - $180

Legs - full - $250

Back - $170

Shoulders - $70

Chest - $120

Abdomen - $120

Preferred Patch - if you have an area not listed above that you would like consultation for hair reduction pricing and suitability, please let us know.

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